Taking into account that Mr. Maake served his articles and worked for commercial firm which acted for ESKOM, as well building up communication channels over many years with colleagues or other competent knowledgeable Advocates, Legal Advisors and the like, we believe we are in a position to properly attend to any electricity matter including but not limited:
Mr POPELA COFFAT MAAKE is in charge of this Department. We service various mines and corporate clients.
We have structured ourselves in such a way that we have the services of Associates available to us on ad hoc basis where we wish to entrust specific commercial matters to them. Taking into account that Mr. Maake served his articles in a Commercial Firm of Attorneys and acted on behalf of clients such ESKOM, Road Accident Fund and Telkom as well as the fact that we have built up communication channels over many years with-

Colleagues or other competent knowledgeable Advocates, Legal Advisors and the like, we sincerely believe that we are in a position to properly attending to client’s interest from a legal point of view. Members of our firm have extensive experience of general Commercial Law and Litigation and more especially in regard to in regard to the aspects listed below.
Litigation which may emanates from breach of contract, insurance policies and other commercial agreements will entrusted to POPELA MAAKE. Mr. Maake handled and is still handling commercial matters on behalf of First National Bank, Greater Giyani Municipality and Alexandra Refuse Removal CC.

a) Commercial Contracts e.g. service level agreements, partnership, Joint Venture Agreements, service contracts, share holders agreements, etc. Service in regard to these contracts will be rendered under the supervision of Mr. POPELA COFFAT MAAKE, who has gained experience in the drafting of agreements;

b) Founding and registration of Legal Personae e.g. companies and other entities e.g. trust and foundation;

c) Mergers and acquisitions;

d) Sequestration and Liquidation applications;

Mr. Maake has acted on behalf of corporate clients and have experience of applications for liquidation of corporate debtors and similar applications.
Intellectual property Law, our firm does not offer any services in regard to the registration of patents. We have, however, in the past assisted clients with the registrations of trademarks and designs and the conclusion of licensing agreements. We have a good working relationship with other attorneys who practice in this field of law and we have in the past closely in the Co-operated with the said firms.

Banking and Law of negotiable instruments members of our firm have over the years gained expertise whilst acting on behalf of financial institutions and other parties.
Having done legal Collections for various corporate clients, just to mention one South African Nuclear Energy Corporation Limited, the members of our Firm have the necessary knowledge and expertise to assist clients when required with legal collection we have a policy in regard to legal collections, which assure that a client at the end of the day will not get involved in costly legal excursions without any real positive result.

In this regard we believe in proper management and communication between the attorney and the client in regard to processes to be instituted and the assessment of costs on an ongoing basis. We are prepared, negotiate with ourselves in regard to the investigations of matters at our risk before instituting further legal action. Such an arrangement will be in accordance with negotiations to be concluded from time to time. We have at our disposal a credit search and other advanced tracing systems to enable our collection capabilities.
We specialise in, almost others, the following:-

(i) Human resources policies review;

(ii) Procedures;

(iii) Disciplinary hearing as Prosecutors/Initiators and Chairperson;

(iv) Forensic Investigations;

(v) Pre-dismissal inquiries;

(vi) Individual Development Plan;

(vii) Risk management;

(viii) Complex legal opinions in terms of Municipal Financial Management Act, PFMA, Municipal Systems Act, Local Government Legislations and Supply Chain Management;
As far as these areas are concerned we are in a position to render the required services, especially due to the fact that our Associates have over the years acted on behalf of financial institutions, property developers and private clients. We are also in a position to do other Conveyancing work that may be required by Commercial ventures, such as the registration of servitudes and here we have in mind notarial servitudes in regard to gas pipelines or electrical power transmission lines, rights of way, etc.

We have expertise in regard to the registration of the following:-

(i) Transfer of fixed property;
(ii) Notarial general bonds;
(iii) Special notarial bonds;
(iv) Mortgage bonds; and
(v) Notarial leases as well as Notarial servitudes.

We have been appointed on the panel as Conveyancers by the following entities amongst others:

• Housing Development Agency, an agency of the Department of Human Settlements
• Department of Co-operative Governance, Human Settlements & Traditional Affairs
• Lepelle-Nkumpi Local Municipality
• Risima Housing Finance Corporation (SOC) Ltd
We have extensive experience regarding the above. Our Senior Partner and lead Attorney Mr. Popela Coffat Maake served his article of clerkship at Mamodupi Mohlala Atorneys in 2001, and the firm is specialised in defending was in fact in the Road Accident Fund even to date, even after his admission he has been specialising in General Civil Litigation in delict and claiming on behalf of Claimants in Road Accident Fund and PRASA Matters.

It follows that he is well acquainted with the requirements of the Fund with specific referent to the standard of services to be rendered to the Fund.

He also attends to delictual claims in regard to damage to property arising from motor vehicle collisions, on behalf of his clients interalia, Capricorn District Municipality, Polokwane Local Municipality, Greater Letaba Local Municipality, Fetakgomo Local Municipality, Lephalale Local Municipality, Greater Giyani Local Municipality, Mogalakwena Local Municipality, Blouberg Local Municipality, Molemole Local Municipality and the African National Congress both Provincial in Limpopo and National.

Mr. Maake even when he was acting as Magistrate at Mokerong he was presiding over Road Accident Fund Matters, most of the time.

Our Associate Tintswalo Faith Ngobeni has worked as a Professional Assistant at Mabunda Incorporated Johannesburg whom are specialising Road Accident Fund Claims even to date refer to her CV attached.

Mr Mashudu David Netshitungulu served his articles at Sekonya Incorporated who also specialising in Road Accident Fund claims on behalf of Claimants even to date.

Our Professional Assistant Matome Alpheus Mamorobela served his articles with our firm, he was dealing with Road Accident Fund Claims, left the firm at some point joined at Nozuko Nxusana who are also specialising in Road Accident Fund Claims even to date.

This is a clear demonstration that we have experience of attending to claims as well as defences of other matters arising out of delicate.
Various staff members have experience of these matters. Mr. Maake has been included in Estate planning and the establishment for various clients from time to time.
We shall be prepared to co-operate with other firms of attorneys approved by yourselves and at your request from time to time. Such a working relationship should firstly be implemented on an ad hoc basis and then be allowed to develop over a period of time.
We shall gladly accept instructions at billing rates to be agreed upon on an annual basis or in accordance with a specific agreement. We use our best endeavours to operate in a cost-effective way. In the normal course of events a matter will be responsibility of a single professional person who will degate specific functions to a junior colleague in accordance with his professional discretion and for purposes of executing minor functions. Any such delegation will not result in additional costs for a client. It is only logical that volume of work entrusted to us will have an influence on costs. Another aspect that will also be of importance as far as legal costs are concerned is the so-called value of the subject matter. We believe that ad hoc arrangements can be concluded in regard to rates applicable, should we attend to a major matter that may generate many liable hours.

It is our practice to render accounts with sufficient particularity in order to assist a client to be properly informed of what has been done and what are the expenses in that regard amount to.

Should we have to co-operate with another firm of attorneys, then we shall do so on the basis that duplication of services be avoided as far as absolutely possible. Each party will then be remunerated for actual work done by him and where work is done jointly we propose that the tariff done applicable will be that of the senior colleague only. It follows that you will have the right to call for the taxation of any bill of cost, should a problem arise.

We are always open for suggestions and discussions in regard to how legal costs can be contained. Discount on rates may be negotiated, taking into account the volume of work, the total period over which the services will be rendered, the complexity of the matter and whether travelling and work outside the office will be involved.

We have a competent office manager with twenty (20) years experience in the legal fraternity and she is entrusted with the sole responsibility to ensure that matters arising herein are dealt with in the most professional and ethical way.